• STAR PRIMER 2020
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Research and Development

Current Phd Topics

1 . Role of in vivo MR spectroscopy and diffusion weighted MR in intracranial Cystic lesions.


  1. Case report on PENTALOGY OF CANTRELL in Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging, Dr.Perikaruppan, Dr.Amarnath, DR.T.S.Swaminathan Ind J Radiol Imag 2005 15:1:81-84.
  2. Radiological Quiz –Paediatric Neuroradiology - Dr. K. Malathy- IJRI 2006 Vol.16, 403-404.
  3. CT guided biopsy of Lung masses using an Automated guiding apparatus - Dr.Amarnath. Kabilan, Dr.T.S.Swaminathan,Dr.Kulasekaran - IJRI 2009 July Vol.19, Issue 3.
  4. Imaging in multiple sclerosis -Chapter in progress in clinical sciences,volume 27 ,2012.


CME's Conducted

  1. STAR ( STAnley Radiology) CME-Musculoskeletal Imaging, 12th - 14th AUGUST 2011.
  2. STAR REFRESHER course for the post graduate radiographers, DEC 3rd & 4th 2011.
  3. STAR PRIMER - PG refresher course, Annually on JAN.
  4. STAR CME on FETAL IMAGING, JAN 21st & 22nd 2012.
  5. STAR FRCR course – FEB 5th & 6th 2012.
  6. STAR CME - RADIOGRAPHIC ADVANCED IMAGING COURSES for the radiologists, radiographers and technetians, MARCH 24th & 25th 2012.
  7. STAR PHYSICS course to the radiologists and radiographers, Annually on MARCH.
  8. STAR BASICS course for 1st year radiology students, Annually on AUGUST.
  9. STAR MRI TECH UPDATE for MRI technicians and Radiologists.