• STAR PRIMER 2020
    (January 17th & 19th 2020) More...

Research Activities

Research Projects Just Completed

  1. Role of hepatic venous waveform study in variceal bleeding before & after propranolol.
  2. MR urethrography verses ascending urethrogram.
  3. Comparison of injection papaverine with tablet sildenafil in penile Doppler study.
  4. MR imaging of midbrain in differentiation of progressive supra nuclear palsy and Parkinsons disease.
  5. To Efficacy of sonosalphingogram in evaluating tubal patency with USG as gold standard.
  6. Evaluation of bleeding vessel in life threatening hemoptysis: 64 Slice CT angiography compared with conventional angiography.
  7. MRI Colonography verses Conventional Colonoscopy in inflammatory bowel diseases.
  8. Doppler in lower limb arterial lesions. Prospective comparison study with CT Angiography.
  9. Virtual cystoscopy versus fiberoptic cystoscopy in bladder tumours.
  10. To evaluate the usefulness of magnetic transfer ratio and ciss sequence in differentiating tuberculoma from neurocysticercoses.
  11. Role of T2 Relaxometry in mesial temporal sclerosis.