• STAR PRIMER 2020
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Ongoing Research

Ongoing Research Projects

  1. Evaluation of median nerve in carpal tunnel syndrome with high frequency ultrasound and Doppler in comparison with nerve conduction study.
  2. Inphase opposed phase MRI imaging of Bone marrow.
  3. Dynamic MR urography va renal scintigraphy in the evaluation of PUJ obstruction.
  4. Three dimensional color flow Doppler with Uterina Artery Arteriography – assessment of pre and post embolisation of uterine fibroids.
  5. Role of CT arthro gram and MRI arthrogram in recurrent shoulder instability.
  6. Correlation of Agatson score in patients with STEMI.
  7. Characterisation of focal liver lesions using sonoview, contrast enhanced ultrasound.
  8. To preoperatively assess the composition of urin ary stones by using MDCT with post operative invitro chemical analysis as the reference standard.
  9. Role of MRI in early diagnosis and staging of Idiopathic chondrolysis of Hip.
  10. Role of MR Spectroscopy and diffusion weighted imaging in the evaluation of hepatic masses.
  11. Role of DTI in epilepsy.

Ongoing Radiology Audit

  1. Perception of patient satisfaction in government radiology services compared with private radiology centers.

Current PHD Topics

  1. Role of in vivo MR spectroscopy and diffusion weighted MR in intracranial Cystic lesions.