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  • 1933: The department was headed by Dr. Sundareswaran and followed by Dr. Thotadarani in 1938.
  • 1959: Dr. A. N. K. Menon was the first one to become Professor in Radiology.
  • 1962: First DMRD course was started.
  • 1962: Dr.A.N.K Menon became the Dean of Stanley hospital and Dr.Arcot.Gajaraj took over the department.
  • 1966: The new radiology block was inaugurated. Fluoroscopy and other contrast procedures were started in room no.4.
  • 1968: First CRA & DRA course was started in.
  • 1985: USG and COPALT radiotherapy unit were started by Dean Prof.Aswathaman and HOD Prof.M.Annamalai.
  • 1991: First whole body CT scanner in the entire state was inaugurated.
  • 2003: New Toshiba CT machine replaced the old one in the year of 2001.
  • 2007: The department of Radiology has been shifted to a new block 301 with two storeys.
  • 2007: In August, 1.5 Tesla MRI Siemens Magnetom scan unit installed.
  • 2010: Mammography unit started on August 2010.
  • 2010: Digital radiography was inaugurated on November 2010.
  • 2011: ROENTGEN seminar hall, STAR (STAnley Radiology) CME, Stanley alumni of radiologists association and Stanley radiology website (www.stanleyradiology.com). Best outgoing student of radiodiagnosis is awarded with professor Annamalai gold medal.
  • 2012: First DRDT and B.Sc. Radiography course was started. medical council of india recognises the DMRD course after 60 years.
  • 2013: in January 2013, new 4 Slice TOSHIBA CT Scanner was installed. First MDRD course started.
  • 2014: in april 2014, another new 4 Slice TOSHIBA CT Scanner was installed.2nd digital xaray and 128 slice ct scan installation in progress.