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Recent Additions and Advances

On 12-08-2011, roentgen seminar hall was inaugurated by the medical superintendent Prof. Siva Prakasam M.S., STAR( STAnley Radiology) CME was inaugurated by Prof. T. S. Swaminathan M.D.R.D, FICR Stanley alumni of radiologists association by Prof. Annamalai M.D.R.D and Inauguration of Stanley radiology website, www.stanleyradiology.com by Prof. V. P. Narayanan. Best outgoing student of Radiodiagnosis is awarded with professor Annamalai gold medal.

First DRDT course was started in 2012. First B.Sc. Radiography course was started in 2012. Hospital and radiology services are connected through PACS.

With continued efforts of Prof Dr. C. Amarnath, in January 2013, new 4 Slice TOSHIBA CT Scanner was installed in the ground floor of our Radiodiagnosis department along with ROBOTIC ASSISTED BIOPSY machine. First MDRD course started in 2013. New 128 slice CT scanner sanctioned for the New Tower block on July 2013.

STanley Alumini of Radiologists association started with the founding Chairman Dr. C. Amarnath, Secretary Dr. Suhasini and the Treasurer Dr. Shivashankar. Stanley radiology welfare fund is created to meet the departmental expenditures.

With the help from STanley Alumini of Radiologists association, the department of radiodiagnosis conducted annual teaching programmes like STAR cme focusing particular branch, STAR PRIMER pg refresher course, STAR FRCR course, STAR MRI TECH UPDATE radiographic advanced imaging courses for the radiographers and technetians, STAR refresher course for the post graduate radiographers, STAR BASICS and STAR PHYSICS courses to the radiologists and radiographers in 2012 and 2013. During 2012 and 2013, the department has conducted maximum CMES and reached best in academic activities in the country. The Prof. A. N. K. Menon Gold Medal Exam was successfully conducted in july 2013. For the first time in Stanley radiology, Our department has been offered the chance to host the "State IRIA Meet" in December 2014.